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Therapy Services at Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center

The next step in your care

At Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center, our comprehensive therapy services are available right here in your community. We can relieve your pain, improve your function and help you regain your life.
Our physical therapy services include:
  • Helping you recover from surgery or injury
  • Assessing your risk to fall and treatments to restore balance
  • Treatments for orthopedic and alignment issues and injuries
  • Relieving pain
  • Helping improve physical needs of patients of all ages, from children to seniors

We have therapists with advanced training in balance and vertigo, orthopedics and sports medicine, women's health issues and pediatrics.

Athletic training services:

  • We offer athletic training services, and can provide education to school and club sports regarding injury prevention and performance enhancement.
Our occupational therapy services include:
  • Helping all patients, from infants to seniors, increase independence, enhance development and prevent disability
  • Testing or reviewing the ergonomics of your home or business
  • Pre-employment testing and return-to-work testing after injury
  • Offering therapies to improve your self-care, work and recreational activities
  • Improving vision following brain injury or concussion
  • Treatment of hand and arm injuries
Our speech therapy services include:
  • Expertise in pediatric and adult language, speech and voice therapy
  • Cognitive evaluation and treatment for memory, problem-solving, reasoning and concentration
  • Lee Silverman voice therapy for motor speech disorders with a focus on Parkinson Disease patients
  • Certified therapy in modified barium swallows
  • Dysphagia therapy (pediatric through geriatric) including vital stimulations (neuromuscular electrical stimulation)

Outpatient respiratory therapy services:

  • Pulmonary function tests: measure lung health over time to determine disease progression
  • Asthma education
  • Pulmonary rehab: Individualized care program that helps patients understand and cope with chronic disease and maintain or improve physical abilities using exercise and breathing techniques.
  • Sleep studies: determine the presence of a sleep disorder that may benefit from CPAP therapy
  • Electroencephalograms: measures and records brain electrical activity

Call Sanford Aberdeen at (605) 626-4200 to learn how our therapy services can help you.