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Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen provides quality, cost effective lab services to physicians and patients.

Read more about the lab's recent CAP accreditation:
Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen Receives Accreditation from College of American Pathologists

A comprehensive menu of clinical laboratory testing that contributes to the physician's ability to assess a patient's condition includes: 

  • Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Immunochemistry
  • Immunology
  • Bacteriology
  • Urinalysis
  • Parasitology
  • Coagulation
  • Endocrinology
  • Mycology
  • Toxicology

An order from your personal physician must be obtained for all laboratory procedures. For additional information please call Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen at 605-226-5500.

Information about Sanford Laboratories - Aberdeen:
• Accreditated by the College of American Pathologists; first in the Aberdeen region.

• Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen provides quality, cost effective lab services to physicians and patients.
• Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen offers a high level of service with state-of-the-art testing instrumentation and computer information systems.
• Through integration, Sanford Laboratories-Aberdeen offers a comprehensive menu of esoteric and routine clinical laboratory testing
• 24 hour access to clinical laboratory testing.
• On site pathology services.

 Direct Access Testing
o Lower out-of-pocket expense for consumers/patients who are uninsured or have a high deductible.
o Some individuals want more frequent testing than their health care insurance plans will cover.
o Great for people who wish to assess their health status on a regular basis.
o Individuals who are away from their primary care provider or provider network can obtain needed laboratory testing.

To find answers to commonly asked lab related questions, please visit: http://labtestsonline.org/



Professional Laboratory Client Support • Strong technical backgrounds and laboratory experience prepare our Client Support Representatives to be your local resource.
• Client service staff are Certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathology
• Available 24/7.

Consultation Services available through Sanford Laboratories
• Review of Laboratory Quality Assurance and Quality Control
• Review of Laboratory Procedures
• Perform and Review Preventative Maintenance
• Perform In-service Education
• OSHA Consultation
• CLIA Regulations
• Instrument Selection and Cost Accounting
• Stark Regulations
• Principles of Management for Laboratory Supervisors and Directors

Field Services Department (Courier services)
• Recognizing the importance of prompt result reporting, Sanford Laboratories operates an extensive network, logging over 1,000,000 miles per year.
• Our professional Field Service representatives follow special procedures in the following areas to ensure quality and safe transport of your specimens:
o Sorting specimens, the first step to ensure proper specimen integrity and transport.
o Tracking specimens, from pickup at your facility to delivery to our laboratory.
o Maintaining original specimen integrity during transport, ensuring continued quality of your patients’ specimens.
o Transporting hazardous materials.

• Sanford Laboratories provides transport bags, containers, tubes, and other supplies that may be necessary for transport of specimens sent to our laboratories at no charge to our clients. We also provide pre-paid mailing containers at no charge to mail-in accounts.
• Test requisitions, Supplies requisitions, Sanford Laboratories' Catalog of Services and Fees, Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs), the "GUIDEBOOK of Covered Signs, Symptoms, Diagnoses, & ICD-9-CM Codes," and supplies are available by contacting our Client Support Department.

Laboratory Education available through Sanford Laboratories
• Sanford Laboratories recognizes the need for continuing education and provides that resource by sponsoring seminars and other educational opportunities. Seminars are designed to meet the needs of area health care professionals.