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Think heart experts. Think us. 

With trained specialists and innovative technology, the experts at Sanford Aberdeen are here for one very important reason: you.

No matter what your heart needs, you can rely on our team to find the best solution to keep your heart safe, healthy and strong.

We offer the latest in advanced cardiac diagnostics and technology, allowing our highly trained team to detect and treat heart disease sooner and more effectively.

Services available in Aberdeen include:

Some of our services can’t be found anywhere else in the region, such as Corindus robotic-assisted cardiac catheterization therapy. This procedure is only offered at a handful of sites throughout the entire country, and Sanford Aberdeen is one. This technology allows our team to perform complex heart procedures with smaller incisions, greater precision and enhanced visualization. And it means less pain, fewer scars and a faster recovery for you.

Call (605) 226-5500 to make an appointment with a heart expert at Sanford Aberdeen.