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Lung cancer screening now available at Sanford Aberdeen
Early detection of lung cancer possible with screening 

Sanford Aberdeen now offers a lung screening service using low-dose CT technology to detect if patients have forms of lung diseases, including lung cancer. 

Lung cancer is often caught too late to provide the care needed, but this new lung screening service will allow for early detection. Research in a national lung cancer screening trial proved that screening for lung cancer through low-dose CT can reduce the risk of lung cancer related death by 20 percent.

Physicians will use a CT scan, a type of X-ray used to look in detail at specific parts of the body, to detect lung diseases. The CT scan will use very little radiation, resulting in minimal negative effects on the body.

“Having the ability to detect lung disease and lung cancer at early stages is going to greatly benefit our patients’ lives,” said Manisha Balhara, MD, internal medicine physician with Sanford Aberdeen. “Sanford Health is driven to bring quality health care services to rural areas, and this is one monumental way of doing that.”

Sanford Aberdeen will be the only site in South Dakota outside Sioux Falls to offer the lung screening in a permanent location.

The screenings, which last about 15 minutes, will be offered at Sanford Aberdeen every Monday from 12:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. The screening is available at a special price of $25 through September 1.

Those eligible for the screening include adults age 50 to 74 who are currently smokers or former smokers who have quit within the past 15 years. Other criteria may apply, and patients should call for more information.

Appointments can be scheduled at Sanford Aberdeen by calling (888) 996-4673.